The intention is to link the race to the areas crossed by the rally with local events, to encourage local populations and to develop their arts and crafts, the various associations for the disabled, women and other underprivileged people. With regard to the numerous local associations, we have decided in conjunction with the local authorities and the owners of the hotels involved, to organise a contest aiming at promoting the best project presenting all the local associa- tions on this occasion. The winner of this inter-association competition will be awarded the donations collected during the event.

All Terrain Rally

This first race will be held around Merzouga over a one-week period with 6 special stages including 5 of 300 km long and a prologue (+/- 15 km). One night will be in a bivouac with Me hamid returning to Merzouga the following day. The main investment in this project will be hiring the helicopter and the ambulances for medical assistance. The contract will be annexed to the advertising so as to give competitors the guarantee that SAFETY is our main concern.


The nature of the ground, the density of the population and the presence of infrastructures are to be taken into consideration regarding safety. Our main concern, the safety of the local population, is considered in the same way as that of the competitors of the Hearts of Morocco Rally 2017.


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